CMI and RNC’s latest tricks, an NGO by Prossy Boonabaana

As pressure mounts on the government of Uganda with overwhelming evidence that President Museveni is the father and grandfather of RNC, the terrorist organization thought of new tricks trying to sanitize itself and registered itself as a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) so that they can carry out their activities under the guise of humanitarian operations. It is something they tend to do whenever they are caught pants down. They once dressed their recruits with “habit” (catholic nun outfit) and armed them with bibles while going to Minembwe in South Kivu, DRC (Read the Kikagati Arrest of RNC rebels on Viruga Post). Some of their objectives are to recruit as many members as possible in Rwandan communities in this country (including in refugee camps) and raise enough money for their terrorist enterprise.

Prossy Boonabaana a member of the RNC Executive committee in Uganda was in euphoric mood when she announced it in her interview with the New Vision, “We recently formed an organization called the Self Worth Initiative” (SWI) to give a voice to these women who are predominantly refugees. It is important to know that all these initiatives are led by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) which handles all RNC operations within and outside Uganda. 

The RNC lady is well connected within CMI, her part-time boyfriend Col. CK Asiimwe, is the Deputy Director in charge of counter terrorism. Her bizarre creation of an NGO with membership cards, is something that will help RNC / CMI forced recruitment. Innocent Rwandans will most probably be forced to get a premium membership card to ensure that they stay in Uganda is safe. According to my inside source who showed me his memberships card, CMI agents are actively recruiting for this ‘pseudo-NGO’.

SWI Membership Card

Her interview with the New Vision (A state owned media) and casual announcement that she is about to launch an NGO is not surprising. Most senior RNC members casually use state owned media to launch vicious attacks on Rwanda. David Himbara, Leah Karegeya and Kayumba Nyamwasa have all been extended exclusives in state owned media to taunt and insult Rwanda.

Yet Ugandan support for destabilizing forces against Rwanda goes further than mere media support. Senior RNC and FDLR leaders travel on Ugandan passports (some even given Diplomatic passports). For example, the former FDLR Leader Ignace Murwanashyaka, and the RNC International Relations Commissioner Charlotte Mukankusi or even Leah Karegeya all travelled on Ugandan Passports. Senior FDLR officials, their spokesman and their Intelligence boss, were apprehended in Congo as they returned from a meeting with RNC officials organized by the Uganda intelligence (CMI) and chaired by Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s minister for regional affairs representing his boss Museveni! Similarly, the former MRCD – FNL spokesperson, Callixte Nsabimana alias Sankara, told a court in Rwanda where he faces trial for terrorism that he was in regular contact with CMI.

The move to create the NGO is practiced by all terrorist organizations. Al-Qaeda had the banned “Benevolence International Foundation” or BIF, RNC will have the “Self Worth Initiative” or SWI.

The timing of this opaque and ineffective RNC camouflage as an NGO is linked with the recent regional efforts to mediate Rwanda and Uganda in restoring normal bilateral relations. The regional effort culminated with the signature of the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries. 

The MoU clearly stipulated in its 1.b clause:

–Refrain from actions conducive to destabilization or subversion in the territory of the other Party and neighboring countries thereby eliminating all factors that may create such perception, as well as that of acts such as the financing, training, and infiltration of destabilizing forces.

When the Ugandan President ‘accidentally’ met the RNC International Relations boss, Charlotte Mukankusi, he wrote about it saying he did not know who she was. His ignorance was very disturbing, especially given the fact that she had been issued a Ugandan passport too. The move to create NGO’s will definitely create more ‘accidents’, Museveni will be claiming that he only met humanitarian actors.

The most serious offense, however, is that RNC is given so much support that it is allowed to carry out force recruitment in Uganda. In conjunction with CMI, hundreds of Rwandans are Kidnapped and forced to join RNC. Those who refuse are tortured, some held in secret detention for ever, others are dumped at a border.

Ugandan support for RNC and harassing Rwandans thought to be not in agreement with this policy by Museveni is really at the heart of the current Rwanda and Uganda standoff. Rwanda does not host or harbor terrorist groups against Uganda.

If only Ugandans would Imagine seeing Joseph Kony of the LRA on state owned media in Rwanda freely giving interviews, then finding out he travels on a Rwandan passport. Just as you protest, you find out he accidentally meets the President and thereafter LRA is allowed to create an NGO. Afterward, you are told from survivors that they are being tortured to join the LRA. How would you react in such situations?

The new ruse of creating NGO’s is to save some dignity in the face of so much evidence of Ugandan support to the terrorist organization that want to destabilize Rwanda at the eve of an MoU implementation meeting. The ruse is old and known, the region will not fall for it and Rwanda will not be fooled by such a cheap trick.

At the end of the day, Museveni has to choose; trade with Rwanda or trade with terror groups. Hiding terror groups will not work either!

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