Rwanda is not the cause of your financial woes

Dear Dr. Rukundo Rugari,

As a Ugandan of Rwandan origin, I have been reading with shock and awe how, for reasons only know to you and those who gave you this dangerous job, you have gone on an attacking spree against Rwanda’s leadership. Ordinary Ugandans, and more specifically your family members here in Kabale, wonder why you, as a Ugandan, seem focused on your vicious attacks that lack substance. What has gone wrong? They are worried.

For Ugandans and Rwandans who do not know this doctor —turned anti-Rwanda propagandist— will be surprised to know what organization he works for and his official appointment. Dr. Rukundo is the Vice Coordinator and Head of Diplomacy in the RNC Executive Committee based here in Uganda. He deputizes Prossy Boonabana, the Coordinator; Sulah Nuwamanya is the Secretary Secretary of this committee. RNC is one amongst many armed groups that the Rwandan government accuses the Ugandan regime of hosting and supporting through its Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). (Read my previous article on Rugali)

The doctor, turned propagandist, has of recent gone on a social media rampage trying to coalesce all anti-Rwanda groups. This was after a RNC meeting held on March 2, this year (details of this meeting will be for another day), when he was elected to the new executive committee. In a Skype conversation with Frank Ntwari, RNC Commissioner for Youth and brother in-law of RNC boss Kayumba Nyamwasa. In the call, Rugari promised to carry RNC propaganda far beyond Ugandan borders in return for payment.

Dr Rugari, your family members are wondering why and when their relative became an anti – Rwanda politician. As your concerned neighbor, I have sent you a personal letter on this issue through your address (P.O. Box 26939, Kampala) and I hope to see your reply very soon.

Dr. Rukundo, lastly, it is important to know that your dismissal from Mulago Hospital and the ensuing financial hardship you faced was entirely the decision of your boss. It is in no way related to the Uganda – Rwanda crisis. Your ambition to contest for Ndorwa MP in 2021 cannot be achieved by joining and working for an armed organization planning terror attacks against our neighboring and ancestral country.

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